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Design + Community

Design can be used as a valuable resource & tool to influence and inform change in our community. Design By Theory Media started the DESIGN plus COMMUNITY Initiative to connect business objectives with philanthropy. Our passion for design & philanthropy demonstrates our commitment to giving back to the community and our dedication to make a difference. We’ve partnered with several non-profit organizations like Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, Coin Maze Campaign and MS Run the US, Inc. to start raising awareness across the Nation.


MS Run the US, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) government approved charitable organization that was set up to raise donations to help those living with MS and gather sponsorships to fund my run across America. The main goal of MS Run the US Inc. is to raise awareness about MS and inspire individuals across the nation to donate towards the cure of this disabling disease. In order to inspire the donations towards this cause I wanted to do something BIG. Something a few hundred people have done before, but something many would consider out of their realm of possibility. I have decided to run 20-30 miles a day, 6 days a week for approximately 6 months traveling from San Francisco, CA to New York, NY. The idea is to generate attention and, in turn, raise as much money as possible to be donated to multiple MS organizations to aid the research and help to find a cure for this disabling disease.

- Ashley Kumlien, Founder


Coin Maze Campaign allows individuals to enjoy the aesthetic and interactive benefits of this public art piece while giving back small donations or coins to a charitable cause of any kind, in any community. The functional five-foot sculpture is a donation receptacle and can be placed inside or outside a building with high traffic. It will stand out, attracting attention and creating community awareness.

The campaign or iconic feature can be integrated into shopping centers, hospitals, art centers, or community parks and will provide an opportunity for dynamic relationships and joint efforts to prosper. This campaign proves spare change is change we need; it’s people helping people and can start making a difference in your community today.