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The Vale Commercial Design Community Tempe, AZ

The Vale development is a gateway to downtown Tempe, a model of new urban development and a genuine point of community pride. The development of this 1.8 acre site, with 713 feet of frontage along University Drive, consists of a series of  4,100 sf of office and retail space with surface parking, and 46 loft units with underground parking. An intimate garden runs the length of the project, fostering a diversity of native plants and providing a dynamic play of light and shade. This commercial development provides the neighborhood with businesses and residents with a vested interest in their community.

The Vale is one of the most architecturally unique properties developed in Arizona. The urban oasis, designed by renowned architect Will Bruder, truly boast theory and progressive design elements. This modern architectural masterpiece has already been photographed by significant architectural and design magazines.

1111 W University Dr Commercial Curvature Space

Design x Theory Vale Office

Modern Way-Finding System Design at The Vale


The Vale provides and nurtures progressive thinking and a sustainable design community.

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