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How the Music Industry Shaped the Social Network Revolution and Visa-versa.

With so many new advances in technology and emerging artists breaking through in 2010 – it’s hard to single-out just a few game-changing stories. But, here at the Design By Theory Blog we like to drop knowledge (Theory) like beats and make connections everywhere we see them. It’s hard to deny that over a decade [...]

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Business Cards Worth Their Weight In Bronze

Junkie Cosmetics has set out to be a different type of cosmetics company through a very unique brand identity in the marketplace. Their branding strategy + business cards needed to be worth their weight in Bronze. Check them out below. We used a bronze metallic ink on both sides of the card to enhance items [...]

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Thanks for stopping by to view our first post on the Design Theory Blog. Design By Theory Media is a multi-disciplinary design studio that believes business objectives can be reached when unconventional design is multiplied by theory. Our design strategy consists of research, message analysis, brand positioning, media planning, and design implementation. Design X Theory [...]

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